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We invite you to impact the lives of HIV+ children by partnering with A.R.A.I.

Your donation in any amount will go directly to the flax hull lignan program we have set up to help HIV+ children around the world.  We currently support many orphanages and clinics in South Africa and Swaziland and your donations help us to get life saving flax hull lignans to those who in the past, had no hope.  A lot of money is poured into AIDS education programs worldwide that focus on prevention.  However we are doing something that in the past has never been done. We are offering hope and a health opportunity to those who have been diagnosed with HIV and AIDS...and we're offering it to them for free (thanks to your generous giving!).
With our 97% success rate at lowering viral loads and boosting immune systems, the kids we are able to serve are living healthy and hopeful lives.  For every $10 you can give, an AIDS orphan is provided with flax hull lignans for 1 month.  We have entire villages and communities who are needing flax hull lignans.  Please consider a monthly donation to help provide hope and health to some very poor and sick people.


Our Partners...

AIDS is a world-wide problem, and we are excited to work in an international community to offer hope to the people affected.  Currently A.R.A.I. has active partnerships in South Africa, Swaziland, Haiti, Malawi, & Costa Rica. We partner with individuals, churches, businesses and other orphan organizations.  While we have our own goals of raising funds to support the network of orphanages in Africa that we work closely with, we also help provide the flax based nutritional supplement to missionaries and other organizations who work with AIDS orphans.  The world is getting smaller and smaller and we believe that as organizations come together, we can work together to impact the world's population of people affected with AIDS.










Thank you for your donations to help Senzo, a South African boy (pictured front, right) who fell onto railroad tracks and was almost electrocuted to death. He had severe burns and has had a long and trying recovery but he is back with his friends and caregivers. Your donations helped the orphanage that cares for him to pay some of the medical bills. We are thankful for his caring staff who would not leave him to die because of the high cost of his medical care. His bills were very high and if you'd like to give more to continue to help this orphanage pay off his medical bill debt, you can designate your giving to "SENZO" when you give online under our "How to Help" tab.

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