Research and Testimonials on Flax Hull Lignans

We have performed a total of three official trials.  Each trial had 100 volunteers.  The first two trials were performed in the United States with people that had various illnesses including AIDS, diabetes, cancer and more.  The third trial was done in South Africa and Swaziland with 100% HIV+ people with the wasting symptoms of AIDS.  The results were amazing.  You can download the trial results under "What We Offer" and then "The Research & Testimonials" tabs.  Other organizations have performed their own trials and found similar results.  AIDS patients typically find their viral loads dropping significantly.  CD-4 counts rise dramatically as well.  Cancer and Diabetes patients have reported amazing things as well.  Browse through our testimonials and read for yourself!

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People worldwide are finding and using flax hull lignans for their health. Many people have sent us testimonials to share how the flax hull lignans have helped them. A.R.A.I. does not sell flax hull lignans. Many companies sell them and you can find them by looking for them on search engines. We recommend the brands that are MCP process certified, as that is the type of lignans we used in our research and trials. They are different in structure than other brands because they have all 17 of the lignans from the flax seed in them and they are cold-milled extracted instead of chemically extracted like many other brands.
The following pages have testimonials that we have gathered from our trials, as well as other people who have voluntarily sent in their exciting results. If you have a testimonial to share, please email it to:
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AIDS Testimonials

"I have just returned from the clinic where we have the AIDS patients on the flax lignans. Was only able to see one of the patients, but she had blood tests recently and they could not detect the AIDS virus - PRAISE GOD!!! - I still don't know if to believe it. I go back next Thursday and will hopefully get a copy of the blood report from this lady. She has had AIDS for about 10 years.
I had to email you straight away." -John - Reporting For AIDS Clinic Winston Park South Africa

"I have one testimony of one of our church members who happens to be my aunt Fungisai Musadzirumha of Harare in Zimbabwe. She knew that she had the virus after the death of her husband in the year 2002. Since then she started deteriorating, having chest problems, diarrhea and losing a lot of weight but there is a seminar that she attended that you held here in Zimbabwe were she got the flax hull lignans. She took the flax once every day before she went to bed. She has recovered very well that you can't even tell that she has the virus. She is no longer always ill as she was before. l can say that she is going to live longer than what she was going to before the flax lignans. Thank you very much

Tendayi Musadzirumha - Zimbabwe-- For His Aunt - An AIDS patient in Zimbabwe

"We have had some breakthroughs & some of our AIDS orphans are being maintained. The one young AIDS child, Lindiwe- who turned five on Sunday- should not be living, but with prayer & the flax- she is still here. Another AIDS orphan that came in with a pot belly is now looking much better since being on flax. We now have 21 orphans & we are hoping to have over 40 by the end of the year.

Several other good reports- one man with sugar diabetes has been able to reduce his insulin. Another man has been able to build up his immune system. Another lady who was continuously on blood pressure & sinus tablets, plus she had a growth in her uterus, has the following to say:

... FHL was given to me in January 2004. I feel like a different person health wise. I'm not taking any medication at this point- Thank you!

In Swaziland, we have several on the flax & so you can see from the reports, we are in need of getting a regular supply. The problem being, the majority of the orphans- there is no funding available. So whatever you can do over there would be a great blessing. The sooner we can get a constant supply, the better." -L.W., Director of South African Orphanage

"Since starting the flax program, I am now full of energy and glowing with health.

Earlier in the year a copper count cancer marker was registering. Subsequent tests since the flax hulls have shown that there is no sign of cancer any more in my body. The oncologist does not want to see me for another year. "

Jane - KwaZulu Natal, South Africa -- AIDS - Cancer

"The good news is that one of my lymph glands has effectively disappeared (left side of body). I have 3 large glands on my right side, one of which has increased, another slightly decreased and the third has remained roughly the same. Additionally I have had a fairly serious chest problems (chest infection), relating to seperate lymph gland in my chest.
I will definitely continue to take the flax lignans, as I'm convinced its helping."

John from South Africa -- 10 Year AIDS Patient & Lymphoma



Amazing Flax Report from Tanzania!

Musa, is only one year old and has HIV. He was given the flax lignans and they documented his case well. At the start he weighed only 3.5 kgs, which is only 7.7 pounds! After just 30 days he grew to 6.5 kgs, which is 14.3 pounds, which means his weight almost doubled in only 30 days! It also means he is now only 2 pounds behind what a normal one year only should weigh! -From Orphanage in Tanzania who is using flax hull lignans.






Karen Parker Testimonial--

Let me start with saying I'm HIV+ and was told I am full blown as of June 2003. My viral load is so high, it's off the charts! (338,000). My doctors told me I was dying. 

09-21-2003 -- I received and started taking flax Sept. 21st, 2003. 

09-27-2003 -- Increase in appetite first week. Everything else is the same. No energy. Have to nap through the day. Diarrhea is much, much worse. 

10-04-2003 -- Diarrhea so severe-quit taking the flax. 

10-11-2003 -- Resumed taking flax. NO diarrhea!? Energy level is MUCH better. 

10-15-2003 -- Cooked dinner for 10 people. Prepared BIG pot of chili, toasted garlic bread, carrot sticks, friend made salad. Had a wonderful time eating, laughing, and enjoying friendship. 

10-17-2003 -- Had no strength before. Muscle tissue breaking down. Was actually able to lift again. UNBELIEVABLE! Haven't done that in almost two years! 

11-09-2003 -- Went to see my doctors for blood work and the doctors told me the other day that my viral load was NONDETECTABLE! I have only been using the flax lignans since September 21, 2003. I have more energy than I can remember and I am feeling great!!! 

12-17-2003 -- Have been fighting off the flu all week, so I am staying away from crowds. So far, I think I have managed to keep from getting the flu, but I'm not taking any chances. I did have a period of nausea and vomiting, so I'm just taking it easy. I don't have any blood work at this point to share.



I am almost 100%! I am growing stronger everyday, physically and spiritually, and mentally.

I take 1/2 scoop (1 teaspoon) of flax every day. I still have some diarrhea. I am more energetic. My stamina is increasing. I can walk, stand, lift and run again. Thank you Jesus.

Doctors are talking of taking me off some of the medications I take. WHOOPEE!

I have been helping every month with Angel Food emergency box distribution. I work on the line filling food boxes . I also do coffee, hot chocolate and cookies for all who participate. It's a great time.

I have also done lunch for our youth on Saturdays (X2). I am doing volunteer work two days a week distributing bread to the community.

I am no longer in need of a personal caregiver. A nurse comes twice monthly instead of once a week. I am capable of keeping my own house again. I do my own cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping again. I am seeing my doctors every three months now. I am beginning to drive again. Slow process Ha Ha. I am active in church and church functions. I am looking forward to spring and summer this year. Can hardly wait to get out!!

The Lord is restoring my life. He is restoring everything in my life. Even the scars on my flesh are diminishing. I am healing inside and out. What a GREAT GOD we have.





Since starting on the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans I have noticed a slight energy increase, but without the rush or jitteriness associated with many other medications. It hasn't been a sudden jolt, and didn't even start right after starting it, just a gradual increase in energy. I have had psoriasis on my elbows and one wrist for a long time. I wasn't really even thinking about a change with that but I have been pleasantly surprised in finding new skin forming and fewer flakes of skin.” -W.V., HIV+



"I'm very pleasantly surprised and happy to say the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans are working! It must be working because I feel great and I seem to have a lot more energy these days. Just to give you a quick overview, I'm going to list some of the symptoms before taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. As you know I've been HIV positive for just over five months, four months when I started taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. My symptoms before the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans were as follows: low energy levels, to the point of sleeping 15 hours a day and still feeling very tired. My lymph nodes in the back of my head, arm pits and groin were swollen to the point of being very sore, and I was constantly getting low grade headaches that would linger on for a day or more. Since taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, I'm happy to report the following changes. I now sleep on average of 8 hours each evening and wake up energized and actually wanting to get out of bed, no more headaches...not even one in the last 30 days!!! And my lymph nodes are no longer swollen and sore. I know it must be working because I've seen changes and improvements in my overall health and my mental state has improved and my concentration has improved ten fold over the last 30 days. I cannot wait to report back my labs which I get done on Dec. 20. I feel great and I'm looking forward to continued success with this product (Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans)! Thanks again and looking forward to reporting back my numbers in the next six weeks. 

Follow up 60 day report essentially there is no change from my 30 day. I'm still feeling great and swelling in my lymph nodes has not returned. I'm sleeping normally and I feel like I could run a marathon. I'm not sure if you remember, but I went and had my labs done on Dec. 19-02 and I'm getting those results back from my doctor on Jan 14-03. I do believe though that the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans has helped me tremendously and I've gained 15 pounds over the last 6 weeks. I now weight 205 pounds at 6'1". This is a record for me and to top it off, it's not fat and people tell me now all the time, how good I look. If they only knew what I've been living with these past months. Update 1-14-03 OK, my v/l is 5629 and my cd4 is 460 with 28% t8 cells. My cd4 is back down to where it was when I was first infected by the needle stick, but my doctor does not seem to be worried about it. He mentioned that the cd4 tends to bounce around +/-100 and can fluctuate as much as +/-50 a day, depending on a lot of factors. On the positive side, I have an extremely low viral count of 5629 and that is excellent. I guess I should be happy about my very low v/l. That is the positive I take away from this and stay tuned for April's numbers. But you know what? I'm not going to live my life like that. It's not going to be a series of labs followed by results. I've been living a normal life and I will continue to do so. My labs will be a minor inconvenience in order to continue to stay healthy.” -A.C. HIV+


"(30 Day Report) First Thirty Days Using 'Flax Lignans'

Week 1: By the end of the week, I was experiencing I believe more energy as I was raking and burning ?Lots? of leaves and doing other yard work. I was a bit sore the next day, 'just like normal'.

Week 2: Bad week to judge. The weather was so lousy, gray, rainy blah. Could not help but feel blah, did notice the bowel movements were very good.

Week 3: Feeling pretty good overall. Seem to be using less of my Ativan for panic/anxiety.

Week 4: Skipped a day or two. Biggest thing I noticed is that bowel movements are more compact and difficult to pass. (Hope the flax is not acting like to much of a laxative), would hate to become dependent on laxatives , since I really throughout my life I have really never had a constant ?problem? with bowel movements. We will see.

Overall, the taste and feeling of extra energy and a good cleansing of my inners seems to be a benefit I enjoy.


(60 Day): T cell 470 (highest to date) VL undetectable (in November before the flax I had gone on a drug holiday for a month, the third so far over four years). November labs -- T cell 220 and VL 135000. So you tell me. I started back on the same meds and added the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. Told my doctor -- he wants to know more. I as yet, can't say that the flax did the trick, but the coincidence factor is more than a factor. So, in closing, I continue to have my roughage (almost every day)--have days where I have no desire to do anything and days where I do way plenty. Cholesterol is great. All other significant lab scores are within normal range. So, in conclusion, I think I will keep it up for a while and will not hesitate to share my personal experience. Going to Hilton Head in February." -A.H. HIV+


"08-30-2003 -- I began taking the 'Flax Hull Lignan Concentrate' that my health care practitioner, Mary D., had sent to me. Her instructions were to take: 1 scoop twice a day. I finished the first cannister on 09-12-2003. 

'Response Report' (2 Weeks): 

Minutes after taking the first scoop My body began to 'heat up' and within 30 minutes, I developed a severe headache. For the ongoing 2 weeks I felt like I had the flu with the symptoms of aches and pains, body heating up (temp at 36.5) and headaches and I felt more tired than I usually do. 

'Response Report' (30 days): 

This is a much more 'potent' product and even on 1 scoop, I really began to feel like I had the flu. I felt so hot (temp remained at 36.5C), I ached all over and I developed "cold sores" inside my mouth (under tongue and down the throat). Also, my very swollen parotid glands have become "softer" and appear to have decreased in size and my energy level is better! 

10-21-2003 -- I saw my 'good' doctor and told him about the 'study'. He remarked that my glands look less swollen. (way to go!)" -Louis, HIV+


(03/12/04) "Attached is a recent photo of the lady who got the Flax Lignans. This is the one who was at the edge of her life - who was just folded in bed and could not talk at the time she began to use the Flax Lignans. Today she is able to walk, cook her meal, do a little bit of washing and can do the basic things for herself. She has even managed to write a short testmony herself and so I thought it wize to send it along. She had lost her memory but now is even able to write, she was feeble - the photo can now tell what she is. My friend-brother; God is at work!!"

(Lady sitting at right - along with her family)




(Note: It is made perfectly clear to all recipients that flax hull lignans are not medicine, but only food. However, many still call it medicine because they relate medicine and healing together)

The Local Government employee whom I mentioned of having Cancer and undergoing chemotherapy is also well and recommends the Flax. He just got some scoops for one week and says in that week he had the greatest appetite and even the swellings began to lessen. He was free from pain and is busy calling me every day to ask if the consignment has been shipped. I explained to him about the tax and U.S. fund raising efforts, and he promised to help with some papers to facilitate the Tax exemption process."  -
Justine Likuka from Zambia
-- AAAF Volunteer


“I have some positive testimonies that I have already received about two critical people who were almost dying and who are taking Flax Hull Lignans. They are responding very, very well. This has really opened a big demand for this food product. We are now facing a lot of pressure from the people and may I also kindly pass it to you Sir. There is need to work out another supply of flax hull lignans into our area if possible so that we could widen our testimony base and then to lobby the Government for help in the supply of this helpful commodity.” -
Rev. Jeremiah Teverai Machote from Zimbabwe



"The Donations of Flax Hall Lignans that you brought to South Africa are starting to produce great results. Pastor Leonard from Piet Retief was at our local meeting and he reported on three miracles that happened as a direct results from the use of the flax hull lignans. 

1. The little Girl age six that has full blown HIV/AIDS. Her VL count was into the 300,000 range. You yourself were there and heard the tragic story about this dying little orphan girl. You saw the little shadow of a human being she had been reduced to. Well, under the supervision of the local pastor and the medical doctor, this girl has picked up two pounds of weight in less than three weeks!

2. One lady with a cancer growth went for the operation that was scheduled to remove the growth, but the improvement was so dramatic that the doctor decided not to operate.

3. A man with severe diabetes is starting to reduce his medicines. 

These are all testimonies of the people in the Piet Retief area of S. Africa.

I personally sent the lignans to a man in Cape Town who had full blown AIDS. He was in church and told me that the product has given him a new chance in life, his strength is back and he can work again."

-Franz -- AAAF South African National Director



02/19/04 - Many thanks once again !! I received the 3 containers. I am continuing the flax every day. Well about my feeling, i am feeling better and I find that my are lesions drying up and also reduced in size, the same with the nodes I have on my thumb and one on the scalp. The scalp one has been there for about 5 years now !!! It would keep reducing and coming back ... lets see if it comes bak or disappears now with the flax.

My constipation is better than before. there are days in between that my appetite goes in for a leap and I eat loads of food.... Have had a mild fever like feeling in the last few days. Over all I feel better than before. I personally feel that my VL was very high and is coming down
slowly. I am overdue for the blood count report, which I shall try n get done ASAP and send across. have a nice day. 

Bob from India -- HIV Positive



Cancer Testimonials

"When my husband first started taking the Flax Hull Lignans 5 months ago, his PSA dangerously high. After taking the lignans for a month, his PSA had dropped by 40%. Then having it checked another time, it was only slightly above normal levels for his age. The last check showed PSA levels at normal levels.

Our doctor initially mentioned that there were some discrepancies. Basically, he was questioning what was making my husband better, the doctor's prescription for increased appetite or the Flax Hull Lignans. However, his is doing so well at this time he no longer needs the appetite medication. Also, the nurses in the office have been following right along with my husband's case and they told me that they'd never seen such a drastic drop in PSAs. The doctor has recently told my husband to stop taking what he was giving him and only continue on the flax. My husband has a lot less pain and is starting to gain back his weight!" -
Herald, by wife Shirlee in Ohio, Prostate Cancer

"Thank you for shipping the flax hull lignans. I started on it immediately. As I stated in my phone call on April 17th, I was very ill from my 2nd chemo treatment. I was out of work for the whole week. Weak, vomiting, nauseous, heartburn with very bad stomach pains. Within 4 hours of taking the lignans in a glass of water, I as able to relieve the constipation that was also making me sick. It is now 5 days later and I am back to work. I'm still a little shaky, but I am able to keep food down and am building up my strength. I am looking forward to staying on this product in the future. Thank you again. I believe you have saved my life." -
Diana M. of Farmington, CT (USA) -- Cancer Treatment - Chemo Side Effects

"I had GIST stomach Cancer and had surgery for it. After the surgery, I refused chemo and was sent home. The first day home I found out about FHL. Not only has there been no cancer recurrence, but my energy level went up and stayed up. Also since taking the FHL I have had no colds or flus or allergies. I am approaching 70 and will always take FHL as long as it is available!"


"For 10 to 12 years I have had re-occurrences of basal cell skin cancer. dermatologists have used many different methods to remove the skin cancer. About 3 years ago I began to have to have basal cell cancers 1 to 3 at a time, removed every 2 months. I began taking the Flax Hull Lignans in May 0f 2008 & I have not had to have a basal cell cancer removed in the last year. So I was taking it almost a year & the cancers have stopped. I personally believe it is because I am taking the Flax Hull Lignans."

-Albert, California, Cancer

"About 5 years ago, I developed a lump in my groin and was diagnosed with lymphoma. This was removed surgically and treated with radiation. The following year a lump developed in the other groin and was treated in a similar fashion. A third lump was treated with radiation. When a fourth one appeared the following year, my oncologist suggested non treatment, as he advised that I would continue to have these tumors for the rest of my life. The lump continued to grow in size. In the Summer of 2008, I read about your lignans and decided to give them a try. In December I noticed that the lump was shrinking and within 2 weeks disappeared completely. My doctor was impressed but assured me that the condition would return. I check each day and so far it has not. I have recommended lignans to several other friends and family members and continue to feel that they are a miracle." -Faithful FHL User, Toronto, Canada

"I give out 1 container free to friends that are ill and then ask them to order their own supply. Friends with cancer have been improving greatly. One lad in Alberta is telling everyone her diabetes is pretty well gone. A great product!" - Ruth, Canada

"Last January I got some flax hull lignans for a friend who had a brain tumor. She is a young mom and was devastated to be told that it would keep growing back and that she could expect only about 5 more years of life. She started taking the FHL in December and a recent MRI showed that the brain tumor has actually shrunk in size, much to her doctor's surprise. Not only that, she hasn't been sick a day since she started taking it!" -M.H. Colorado Springs, CO

"Hello to all. Here is what Flax Hull Lignans produced in my life.

I have Prostate cancer, with metastases in my bones, knees, hips, shoulders & several other places in my back. It's too late for chemo or radiation. I did receive radiation in my leg to relieve some pain. In May 2008 my doc decided to give me four chemo treatments to lower my p.s.a. count. Nothing was working to bring it down at the time it was fifty some, chemo would (hopefully ) bring it back to a more acceptable level. After 4 treatments it was now in the month of July a reading revealed 94.7, so the doc stopped everything. At that time The good Lord provided for me to receive info about Flax Hull Lignans. I started immediately on it. In Sept. my p.s.a. was 46.2 .....from 94.7.

In Oct......43.1 Still going down. By provision from the good Lord again we got info from the doctor on the Budwig diet. So now I am taking flax lignans & Budwig diet plan every day.


Back to the doctor in January 2009. My P.S.A. now is 26.3 Also my night trips to the bathroom are reduced to one. Am still taking morphine. This is a great forest fire ( the doctor said ) so flax lignans & Budwig protocol have a big job to do with the help of the Lord.

First I was given 18 months, to live. It will be 3 years as of February." - C.S.


"I have used FHL for about a month and a half. I do not have AIDS. I only have one lung. The other was removed for cancer. I was on two inhalers. These were taken about three times a day. In the past month I have not used any of these. My oxygen for my lung is about 92%. I still have a little trouble going up the 14 steps in my basement. I recover very fast and can do my every day things. I am 69 years old and have not felt this good in many years."

James L., Oakland, MD

"I was diagnosed about three and a half years ago with a pituitary macroadenoma. I underwent surgery to have the tumor debulked, although a large portion of it has grown around the carotid arteries and was inoperable. I had radiotherapy after surgery and as a result my pituitary gland was destroyed. This was about a year and a half ago, and the last MRI scan shows that the tumor is still just under 5cm in diameter and has not started to shrink or breakdown yet from the radiotherapy.

I have to take cortisone three times a day (as a cortisol replacement) as well as elxtroxin (thyroid replacement). When the doctors are happy that the tumor is no longer growing, I will also start growth hormone therapy. As my pituitary gland no longer functions, I have been extremely tired and without any energy. I was given flax seed lignans about 2 months ago, and since then my energy levels are back to normal - I no longer fall asleep by 7pm or when I sit down after work to have a cup of coffee!! I have also cut down on the cortisone without feeling any side effects or tiredness. My field of vision was tested about 2 weeks ago, and although the tumor is so big and is pressing in the optic nerve, the field of vision of my right eye is 100% normal, and only a small area near the blind spot of my left eye is affected. The previous test showed that I was losing peripheral vision in both eyes. This last test is 100% improvement.

I believe that the flax lignans have played a major role in improving my quality of life and energy levels, as well as my eye sight. I believe that the next MRI scan will show that the tumor has started to shrink, if not altogether disappeared, as God has given me a promise that He will heal me and that it will be a miracle all for His glory, and He who promised is faithful."

Kate G.


"My name is Patrick W. and I am 52 years old with bone cancer. I recently had a bone marrow transplant approximately 100 days ago. I have been taking flax hull lignans for over 4 months daily. I have a great general sense of well being and am able to focus clearly. I previously could not focus and had a very difficult time reading. I read fluently and even write with clarity again. I believe it is related to the daily flax lignans.".

"I'm coming up for 2 weeks on the flax lignans and I have been very impressed. My chest seems to have loosened - there is/was a massive "mass" (lesion) in my chest and there is still a long way to go, but it seems to be improving. Some of the external lymph glands seem to have reduced marginally, although its too early to say. If this flax lignan works, its just too good to be true (like all the best things in life)." -John, South Africa, Lymphoma

"My husband, Hugh has an enlarged prostrate and a heart that beats very irregularly. Several Doctors over the years have felt he would need surgery on his prostrate. In the last two years it had become very bad, with Hugh getting up several times during the night. He had not been on the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans for more than two weeks when he noticed a significant improvement, almost a complete reversal. Now he does not get up more then once at night, if that to go to the bathroom. His heart has been beating steady and at, an even speed. He was a candidate for a pace-maker before he started with Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, now there is no mention of needing surgery. 

Hugh's Doctor was absolutely astonished at his last progress report. He asked what we were doing differently. We could only say Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. Our Doctor said he knew that they were very good from different studies and so forth that he had read, but he had never seen such a dramatic improvement. While the prostrate is still enlarged, the side effects are lessened to a great extent. Hugh's heart is so much better that our Doctor can not believe it. Hugh had a stroke in August of 2001. His heart was so bad that we were worried that if he needed surgery he would not recover. Now, he is just bouncing along and mowing and putting up hay and working with his horses and cattle. I should mention that Hugh is 71 years young. We can only summarize that Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, is responsible for his improved health." -G.E.

I have been using Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans for a couple of months. I have had real good luck with it. I didn't think it would work when I started, but it has helped me. I have a bad prostrate and I am constantly looking for a bathroom. Also, I just don't feel right most of the time.

A friend gave me a couple of jars of the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans she got. I forgot about it for a few days then I was getting company in about two weeks, so I decided I might as well try the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. Boy oh boy, did it work. I made a few more trips then usual for the first day or two. After that I made less and less trips. I am down to one or two a night and that is generally early evening and early morning. After getting up every hour, on the hour and getting little sleep and being a real grouch for most all day. I can't believe, how much better life seems. My wife says she may keep me if this stuff keeps working.

I generally feel better too. I seem to be happier and have a better outlook on life. My Doctor said I should have surgery, he hasn't said anything about it now. There is a lot of guys in our area that have bad prostrates and cancer.”

"I have been fighting cancer for nearly 20 years. I asked my doctor about Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. He said it was good to take and is used as a preventative for cancer. I already have cancer; but he told me I could take it as it wouldn't hurt me.

I was unable to take my regular chemo for the last three months, but did start taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. I noticed one of the lumps on my chest was getting smaller and is now gone. My Doctor told me it was the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans that was causing the changes in the lump. I will continue taking Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans." -Lydia, Cancer

"This letter is to thank you for your contribution to my successful recovery to this date from breast cancer using flax lignans as part of my home therapy program. 

I was diagnosed at the University of Va Hospital with infiltrating ductal carcinoma in my right breast in August of 2002. I had a lumpectomy in November for a 2 and ½ cm tumor. All margins were clear. I declined further treatment. In February I had a recurrence in the same breast in a different location but possibly in the same milk duct. I had the 7 mm tumor removed by a lumpectomy in March, 2003 and I also had the sentinel nodes removed. Two out of three nodes were infected upon closer inspection after surgery. I refused further treatment options which included removal of the rest of the nodes in that region, chemotherapy and radiation. A CT scan in early April revealed a possible tumor in the lining of the lung that was too small to biopsy.

In the end of April, 2003, I began eating 1 capful of flax lignans daily. This was in addition to the following supplements: 1/3 c of the Cherokee cancer cure- tea made from indigenous plants on the reservation, 1 t of graviola- a plant from the Amazon forest thought to work like chemotherapy, 90 days of Pawpaw, from the Pawpaw tree thought to work like chemotherapy, RM 10 (Garden of Life) a mixture of mushrooms for increasing the immune system; 8-10,000 units of Vitamin C; digestive enzymes; Body Balance and Osteoprocare by Life Force International- a combination of liquid vitamins and minerals in an aloe vera base and 1 t Miracle II triple strength neutralizer.

In June and Oct 2003 I had CT scans. Both of them showed no significant change in the lining of the lung. In Oct, 2003 I had a mammogram with two significant spots one on each breast and underwent biopsies. The left breast was found to be calcification with no cancer and the right biopsy of a 7mm mass in the bottom of the first lumpectomy site was found to be inflammatory tissue with no indication of cancer.

I attribute the successful control of the cancer to flax lignans and the supplements I was taking, plus the following: much prayer both personally and from hundreds of friends; laying on of hands, massage, Reiki, acupuncture as well as yoga, 2-3 x a week. Also colonics once a week with colemas and coffee enemas several times a week at home. I limited my intake of sugar. Most of my food came from raw organic vegetables and raw organic vegetable juices. My intention was to detox my body and build up my immune system. I believe the flax lignans were an intricate part of my successful recovery thus far."

Sincerely, Melinda



"My name is Mamoona. I am 52 years old and I was diagnosed with bone cancer in September of 2002. Thank you for the supply of the flax lignans which I have been taking for about three weeks. I found that it did help me a little. I have full energy and I could walk a little without crutches. It also eased my pain a bit. I am sure if I continue to take it, it will heal my pain and suffering."

ARAI STAFF NOTE: "I talked with Mamoona on the phone one week later and she had stopped all pain medication and was walking everywhere without crutches. Her energy levels were back to normal and she is very excited! It's interesting what happens when you give the product around 4 - 6 weeks to build your immune system! Thanks to God for this wonderful product!"

Mamoona from South Africa -- Cancer

"A Government official who has cancer called and I went to see him this afternoon to pray with him and check on his progress. I had just given him a week's dosage of flax hull lignans from a sample pack and I could not believe it when I saw him working in his office after months of laying home under chemotherapy. On Sunday we fellowshipped with one of the AIDS patients that got the full monthly dose and I got a report that the lady is able to get up and call for her food. She now can walk a little bit and is about 75% better than she was on the day Flax came into her life."

Rev. Justine Likuka from Zambia -- AAAF Volunteer

Note From AAAF: The people of Zimbabwe are on rationed product because we only had enough resource to deliver a small amount into their nation. They are desperate to live and to get anything they can. Therefore, a week's dosage is better than nothing.




Diabetes & CholesterolTestimonials

"I so want to share the good news and thank you from the bottom of my heart. My friend/client Tim has been ill nearly 12 years, with high blood pressure, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, vascular disease and severe heart problems along with cholesterol/triglycerides and allergies to all statins and many other drugs. Our good doctor who believes it is his job to cure, has been more than willing to find us something that would work naturally. Well so far he hasn't, but I took the info to him on Flax Hull Lignans and he said take it and we shall see, come in for testing in 30 days.

This is the results of our first 30 days!!



















I myself, call this a MIRACLE! I am grateful to those of you who are doing all of this wonderful research and keeping us updated on successes. We are most anxious to see the next 30 day results and the next. Can't wait for our next doctor visit to see what he says. Of course we have lots of questions but will ask those at a later date. I will keep you informed. God Bless one and all for being so diligent and sharing with HSI as I have been getting info from them all along. " -Mona, AZ



"We are so thankful we found out about the benefits of Flax Hull Lignans. When my husband had a doctors visit with our doctor about three years ago he was in a poor state of health. My husband, who pastors a church was ready to give up the church ministry because he was hardly able to stand up through his message. He had many allergy issues with food and environment. He WAS a diabetic and dependent on medications. His immune system WAS almost depleted. He WAS litheness and had no energy; and thought a good healthy life was over, but through our doctor's care and advice she ordered the Flax Hull Lignans for him. He has taken them daily since then and NO LONGER takes diabetic medication, or any other pharmaceutical prescribed drugs. He still pastors the same church he has pastored for sixteen years; and is in the best health he has been in for many years. Our many thanks go out to you and our doctor for your wonderful discovery." -The Shipman's


“A friend told me about flax lignans. Our family started to take flax lignans in November 2010. In march 2011 we had our physicals. My husband's total cholesterol went from 238 to 214(should be <200) and the LDL went from 145 to 128(should be <130). My LDL went from 145 to 128. During the Winter time we use to have colds, nobody had a cold this past Winter. It was a good boost to our immune system. I have recommended flax hull lignans to many friends and family members who now take it also.”

-Z.M., Conneticut

June, 2011

"I started using flax seed lignans about 3 years ago. I had been to my doctor and had raised cholesterol levels of concern. If they did not improve I was going to have to take prescription medication. I began taking a tsp of FHL on oatmeal every day at breakfast and at my next checkup not only were all levels improved, the doctor said they were at levels of a 30 year old. I am 63." J.L., Australia


"My Name is Samuel Connelly, I am 26 years old and have a wife and two children. A few years ago I was diagnosed as diabetic. I spent my first two weeks in the hospital in the intensive care unit (I.C.U.) getting my fingers poked every half hour and blood constantly taken. From there I was set up on a daily insulin plan, where I give myself a shot before every meal, and before I go to sleep.

This last year had been really bad because my sugars where staying too high and I was already taking around 40 units of insulin with every shot. I could not get my blood sugars to get down below 250 - 275,most of the time. Occasionally it would spike to 500 or 600. This was getting real normal for me until recently.

For a little over 3 months now, I have been using this Flax Hull Lignan concentrate, given to me by A.R.A.I. After about two weeks of continuous use I noticed a change in how I felt. I also noticed that my blood sugars were coming down. The really amazing thing here is that I have (now for the last two months) been taking it just a few times a week and my blood sugars have come down into their normal range. I have not had to give myself a shot in about TWO MONTHS! Before, I could not get my sugars to come down under 200, now it stays under 200!

I am so thankful for this FHL now because I am a big guy, but I hate shots. I hate the fear that I may not be there to see my children grow up or that my wife may have to raise them alone. I do not have this fear any more. Praise God for this effective tool that He has given us."

Samuel Connelly-- Diabetic


First of all: Yes, I will continue taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. I would like to take it long term. One thing I have noticed is that my blood sugar has been regular. I tend to get hypoglycemic and have had very few problems since taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. A few weeks back, I was trying to come down with a cold, and it never happened. I am sure that it is from the Concentrate Flax Hull Lignans. My hunger has reduced significantly. When I eat fruits or vegetables, I get full very quick. I have always been gassy, but this product has made that a little bit worse. Once in a while, I feel a little bit nauseated still, but that has mostly subsided. I think the biggest this is that I feel healthy. I didn't see a big increase in energy but I do feel good. I also started drinking 100% pure aloe vera juice, and between the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans and the juice, I'm feeling healthy.” -P.C., Diabetes


"I am a Diabetic with uncontrolled sugar levels. While Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans has not been portrayed as being a cure for Diabetes, it certainly has helped me control mine better. Also, I have a problem with constipation. I never worry about that as long as I am taking Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. Another problem that I have is Cysts in my breasts, they can be very painful. After a short time using Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, I noticed that I wasn't having the pain I used to. In fact there isn't any pain. Now, I was never told that Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans would do so much for us, but it sure has.

We put a measuring spoon full in our orange juice in the morning. It is so handy having the measuring spoon provided in the jar. I like to mix mine with 7-up, Hugh likes to use hot chocolate. I believe the very best is in orange juice, also works on breakfast food, etc." -G.E.




Animal Testimonials

“Last night I added 1/20 th of a scoop to Zuesie's food, and poured pan gravy over it. Today, the mucus discharge in his eyes was 70% less. He pranced during our walk, smiling all the way, and had a restful sleep last night.”
night, with no allergy symptoms. "NEXT DAY":85 % less mucus discharge. Easier breathing, better appetite!" -Tone L., Eagle Point, OR



"We got Buddy, our little Chihuahua from the pound last October. After we got him home I noticed that he had several large lumps under his muscle tissue on his body. I started slicing hot dogs and putting them in a small plastic container with a few scoops of lignans. I shake it up and the lignans stick to the hot dog slices. Buddy eats them down like nothing else. After about 3 weeks, there were no more lumps on him! He's healthy to this day and loves his lignan hotdogs!"


"I've been taking FHL Lignans for a year and a half. I also give it to my 16 1/2 year old Schnauzer. In March on 2010 Scooter our 16 year old Schnauzer was not doing very well and we thought it might be time to have him put down. He could just limp around and cysts were getting large and very hard. After 3 or 4 months of taking the Flax Seed Lignans he was no longer limping and the cysts has shrunk about 35 to 40% in size and were soft rather that hard. He's now running and playing with our year old puppy Schnauzer. We can not believe it and for me all skin problems are gone and some lumps I had are also about 35 to 40% smaller in size and have softened as well. We have our friend on it and he was always sick...about every 2 or 3 months he was sick with something. Since he started taking the Flax Lignans, he has not been sick since April, 2010. I'm sure a believer and love it."

Thank you so much...


June 20, 2011




VIRAL Testimonials

“I've had a viral problem much like shingles, though one of my doctors does believe that it is shingles. Since taking the Flax Hull Lignans, I feel they are helping me control the virus. My spots are dropping off and I feel more energy now.” -Renee, Texas


"I started taking the flax hull lignans - about four months now. I can tell you I haven't been sick lately. Used to get sick quite a bit, especially with the flu and even bronchitis. My immune system has greatly improved. This year has been a good one!"

-CeCe June, 2011



"Flax Hull Lignans have helped me immensely. I am 61 yrs. old and suffer from chronic Hepatitis C, diagnosed at Cleveland Clinic in 1970, as "Chronic Active Non-A / Non-B" and finally as HCV some years later when this type became a known strain. I never felt too bad from it, but was told that I needed Interferon in the early 1990's. I saw the head of Hepatology, Dr. *** at Cleveland Clinic, who in 1994 told me that it was a 50-50 chance that I would get any benefit from treatment.

Dr. Steve Martin told me to try your product and that it had been found or was believed (not sure which) to halt viral cell replication. Taking the good Dr's advice I have been on Flax Hull LIgnans for some time and use it on my morning cereal, on a salad or in something like applesauce or yogurt. I look at it as medicine and rarely miss a dose. This daily use of flax lignans, coupled with 3 doses of maximum milk thistle / silybin phytosome, is slowing down my disease.

One year ago, my viral load and liver functions were recorded. They were getting kind of high. I was very sure to take these two natural products together "every day" for the past year and guess what? I just saw the Doctor and my liver battery tests were all normal. This included almost a 10% drop in my viral load as well. That's just short of amazing isn't it!! I can't thank you enough for your product. I hope to see a further reduction in my viral load again next year! Here's to better health. Best Regards.” -Charles, Ohio


"Hello again, trust you are well and stable. Taylor's over all health is much better, as in energy levels. His skin tone and nails are better. He is grateful to be on the flax lignans. His viral load is under 15,000, which is great for a chronic marijuana smoker. Myself, quite pleased to have met you plus your wonderful FLAX HULL LIGNANS. My liver isn't sore or swollen any more and I feel great, thanks to God plus His wonderful medicine. Flax can assist the sick and the healthy in prevention." -Don, Hepatitis C and his 17 year old son born with HIV


"Regarding the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, I have experienced four times when I thought I was coming down with a cold or flu symptoms. Each time, they only lasted from late afternoon till I went to sleep. I woke up and they were gone. This usually happens only once or twice during an entire 'flu' season. I have noticed no other side effects good or bad."-R.M.






"I need to share my story with you. It is an amazing one.

In 2009 my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 CA of the colon. We tried everything, including the Flax Lignans, but unfortunately it was too late for him. At that time, due to extreme stress, I experienced severe hyperthyroidism and was actually very close to a thyroid storm. Since my dear husband passed away and could no longer benefit from the lignans, I decided to give it a try in an attempt to alleviate my thyroid problem. The great news is: IT WORKED! While still on thyroid medication, I realized that my symptoms were changing towards the opposite, hypothyroidism. A blood test confirmed my suspicion and I stopped taking the medication, but continued with the lignans. The subsequent blood test revealed perfect levels of thyroid hormone. One year later, I am writing to you to let you know that I am in perfect health and that the flax lignans saved me from radioactive iodine treatments, and or possible surgery. Thank you Flax Lignans. Now my entire family is hooked on it." -C.L., New Jersey








Since taking the flax lignans I have seen a dramatic improvement in my BPH. I wouldn't be without it.” -W.D. June, 2011



Two months after starting flax hull lignans I was able to get up out of my wheelchair for more than 1 hour. My time increased steadily over the next 2 years. I do not use it or need it now as I have joined a health club and my legs and overall muscle tone is such that I now store my wheelchair in my garage.”



June, 2011



I have been using flax lignans daily for several years and think they help me very much. Most important, they improve greatly my unreliable digestion, but I think they also provide useful nutrients which benefit my health in subtle but significant ways. I think many people would find them helpful.”

-A.W., Toronto

June, 2011




I just started taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans a weeks or so. I haven't seen a big change except I don't have so much soreness in the top of my stomach. Report more later. After others mentioned about some of the women had noticed less tenderness in their breast. I got to thinking my breast hasn't been so tender since I started taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, Thanks!” -J.W.




"Since starting the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans the main change I have noticed is an improvement in the condition of my feet. I have had problems with athlete's foot for years, better or worse at different times, but consistently a problem. Since taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, I have noticed a decrease in itching, and improvement in the condition of the skin. The athlete's foot isn't completely gone, but I just started noticing this change in the last week, and am watching for more improvement." T.V. -Athlete's Foot


"Once I started taking the FHL, I noticed that about 4-5 months after being on it that my chronic athlete's foot was much better.  I've been taking it for several years now and the athlete's foot is completely gone.  I remember reading that the lignans were an anti-fungal.  I know fungus is really hard to kill, but apparently this working internally, it has done it!  Yippee!  I've had athlete's foot since college (15 years ago) and it is completely gone!"  W.S. - Colorado Springs


"Before starting the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, I would have a bad cough and would throw up stuff that I think was from my sinuses draining during the night. I used to get bad headaches from sinus pressure also. Now I don't cough as much in the morning and hardly ever seem to throw up. The sinus headaches are not as frequent now. I also seem to have a "better feeling" overall." -R.B.






“My husband, Dave, and I are very centered on rebuilding and maintaining our health and strength. Over the years, we've tried many different supplements and dietary changes and the removal of mercury and other toxins from our bodies. My husband has bipolar tendencies and I, myself, have been hospitalized (comatose) for electrolyte imbalance. We've both felt on the verge of mental or emotional or physical imbalance for years.

With the addition of ARAI's flax hull concentrate to our diet, we are seeing stupendous healing of our bodies and our lives! We started out taking 1 scoop each morning, but then we went on vacation and were exposed to the flu. Our immune systems were compromised because we had been on a sugar binge while we were on vacation. So when our flu symptoms began to overtake us, we both took a scoop of flax hull concentrate and felt stronger in a matter of 15 minutes. Because I felt that change in my symptoms, I knew we should take the concentrate again in the morning and again the next evening. As it turned out, our flu was cut short and we learned to take the concentrate twice a day instead of once.

Our constipation is gone (that's serious!) and our energy has picked up tremendously. Dave works in the woods from daylight to dark-thirty with great stamina and strength. I feel bright and practically run through my day, instead of walking...” -Dave and Dianne Hansen, MT



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