Research and Testimonials on Flax Hull Lignans

We have performed a total of three official trials.  Each trial had 100 volunteers.  The first two trials were performed in the United States with people that had various illnesses including AIDS, diabetes, cancer and more.  The third trial was done in South Africa and Swaziland with 100% HIV+ people with the wasting symptoms of AIDS.  The results were amazing.  You can download the trial results under "What We Offer" and then "The Research & Testimonials" tabs.  Other organizations have performed their own trials and found similar results.  AIDS patients typically find their viral loads dropping significantly.  CD-4 counts rise dramatically as well.  Cancer and Diabetes patients have reported amazing things as well.  Browse through our testimonials and read for yourself!

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  1. Health Sciences Institute MEMBERS ALERT on flax hull lignans and Breast Cancer, March 2014.
  2. Health Sciences Institute MEMBERS ALERT on flax hull lignans, August 2011
  3. February 2012 Radio Interview between Wendy Selvig and Dr. Daniel Daves about flax hull lignans and what we're doing in Africa.  Day 2 has testimonials from people in South Africa and Swaziland, a project nurse and information about kids who were HIV+ who are HIV-.  DAY ONE RADIO SHOW - CLICK HERE. DAY TWO RADIO SHOW - CLICK HERE.
  4. Health Sciences Institute MEMBERS ALERT on flax hull lignans, June 2008.
  5. VISIT THE HEALTH SCIENCES INSTITUTE WEBSITE to learn more about their organization and all the doctors that make up their board.
  6. Our official 2006 Trials - Research Report
  7. One South African's Nurse's Report on how Flax Lignans Affected the Kids She Took Care of.
  8. The Power of Lignans - Presentation on Flax Hull Lignans
  9. Mayo Clinic - Breast Cancer Prevention - lignans mentioned
  10. National Cancer Institute on Lignans I
  11. National Cancer Institute on Lignans II



  1. 2011 REPORT ON CANCER & Flax Lignans
  3. Karen Parker AIDS Testimonial Video, 2010


People worldwide are finding and using flax hull lignans for their health. Many people have sent us testimonials to share how the flax hull lignans have helped them. A.R.A.I. does not sell flax hull lignans. Many companies sell them and you can find them by looking for them on search engines. We recommend the brands that are MCP process certified, as that is the type of lignans we used in our research and trials. They are different in structure than other brands because they have all 17 of the lignans from the flax seed in them and they are cold-milled extracted instead of chemically extracted like many other brands.
The following pages have testimonials that we have gathered from our trials, as well as other people who have voluntarily sent in their exciting results. If you have a testimonial to share, please email it to:
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