Who We Don't Supply To

We don't sell Flax Hull Lignans to individuals trying to improve their health.  We only help get them to other non-profit organizations to benefit large groups of people.  If you want to find flax hull lignans (FHL) for you own consumption, search the internet for a company who sells them.  Many companies sell them.  We recommend any company that has MCP Process lignans.  Those are the kind used in our study.  Not all lignans are the same, so purchase carefully.

Who We Do Supply To


Any church or organization can purchase flax hull lignans through our organization in bulk quantities to help people overseas.  We supply flax hull lignans at wholesale to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations for the purpose of helping AIDS orphans in Third World countries.  We also try to partner with donors to offer grants to help these organizations afford the flax hull lignans.  Contact us to find out more!


Home What We Offer If You Want Lignans For Your Organization

Nothing breaks our hearts here at A.R.A.I. more than to get a request from a desperate orphanage or mission director in an HIV+ infected area to please send flax hull lignans to their sick and dying people.  We get requests like this all the time.

We desperately want to increase our circle of personally sponsored orphanages, but currently we are unable to do so.  If you are with an organization that has AIDS infected people and you are wanting to somehow get the flax lignans to your people, please do contact us.   Though we might not be able to send you the lignans for free (because of lack of funding), we will always be able to offer them to you at cost (if you are overseas from the U.S. or can prove you are a non-profit organization).  We also are trying to raise partners who would like to donate money to help organizations that contact us in need.  Let us put you on a list to be matched with a donor.  We will do what we can to get the life saving flax hull lignans to your organization.

Contact us for more information by clicking here.





Photos of Some of the Orphanages Helped

Here is a small sample of photos sent to us by the orphanages using the flax hull lignans.  CLICK HERE.


Thank you for your donations to help Senzo, a South African boy (pictured front, right) who fell onto railroad tracks and was almost electrocuted to death. He had severe burns and has had a long and trying recovery but he is back with his friends and caregivers. Your donations helped the orphanage that cares for him to pay some of the medical bills. We are thankful for his caring staff who would not leave him to die because of the high cost of his medical care. His bills were very high and if you'd like to give more to continue to help this orphanage pay off his medical bill debt, you can designate your giving to "SENZO" when you give online under our "How to Help" tab.

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